Business Intelligence for paid marketing

Spend 1% of your time on marketing analytics tools, and 99% focused on growth.
Skip the learning curve with data analysis. Go from raw data to insight at a fraction of the time and cost.


Oddience gives you access to on-demand data analysis experts for less than what you’ll spend hiring one full time.


Sign up and meet your dedicated data analyst to discuss your paid marketing goals. Whether you want new users or you want to reduce CAC, you get to paint the exact picture of what success means to you.


Connect the data sources that help you measure against your set goals. You don’t need to be an expert at it, your analyst walks you through each step.


Book as many sessions as you need with your analyst to comb through your data for answers.

Bridging the gap between data & insight

With a combination of data and our expert team of analysts, business owners and marketing executives can now get to more reliable & actionable business insights

Know your customers better

Analytics is more than numbers, and even revenue: it's about creating deeper connections with you and your customers. Our team of expert data analysts will help you unlock what makes the tick.

Frequently asked questions

If you’ve ever stared at a dashboard with your eyes glazed over and not really understanding what you’re looking at? Then need an expert analyst to help you make sense of your data, identify opportunities and trends, when to schedule new product launches and help you make thoughtful decisions that will increase your business revenue. You can decide to learn and implement this yourself or try to hire an inhouse analyst but think about the time and how much an inhouse analyst will cost.

Analysis will help you understand your customer habits and the demographics that respond well to your business offers. Gaining these insights from analytics can easily double or triple your conversion rate, leads, and even sales. Because the reality is that no business can be successful unless it understands its customer behavior.

Our experts at Oddience are vastly experienced and have an excellent understanding of analyzing, visualizing and explaining data. We’re committed to helping businesses and marketing executives gain insights and how to act upon those insights effectively, we strive to help businesses grow their revenue by focusing on the critical few metrics that drive business performance and produce desirable results.

Once your dashboard is completely set up and a data analyst is assigned to you, you’ll start getting insights within two business days.

Depending on the plan you choose, we can help you analyze all your paid marketing data ranging from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, all your Google ads data, and even Bing if your business uses Bing ads. But for the lower price plan, we can only analyze two out of these data sources and you get to choose which two data sources you want analyzed.

For more information on this, click the link below to visit our pricing page.

You don’t have to waste any time, our expert analysts are ready to set up everything for you from start to finish, and just give you actionable insights you can work with.

As for how much this will cost, you just have to pick a plan, that’s all.

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©2021 oddience. All rights reserved

©2021 oddience. All rights reserved